Trilixir Mini Edition

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Reverse Repair Radiate

Reverse Repair Radiate


REVERSE and halt the signs of ageing with the Superskin Elixir

REPAIR damaged skin tissue such as scars, pigmentation, blemishes and stretchmarks with the Healixir

RADIATE from within with the Lumiluxe Radiance Serum

10ml versions of our best selling elixirs to combat a host of skin concerns, and leave you glowing.

4 reviews for Trilixir Mini Edition

  1. Nadine Jainath

    Great product especially for scars and blemishes.
    Always handy to have them around
    Due to hormones pimples tend to always appear n disappear leaving behind nasty scaring

  2. Dineo Chuene

    These would be perfect for a beautiful moist, youthful skin.

  3. Dineo Chuene

    We dont start using anti aging products when we have aged, but when in our youth to prevent aging🙌

  4. Dineo Chuene

    The best Trio to a healthy beautiful radiant skin❤

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