Phyto Squalane

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Moisture Lock

Moisture Lock


Phyto Squalane is formulated with 100% purified plant-derived squalane. Squalane is the ‘oil-less oil’- a non-greasy, super absorbent miracle oil, whose key trait is that it locks in and prevents moisture loss from the skin, thereby increasing not only its own efficiency, but the efficiency of other skin products used in conjunction with it.
Phyto Squalane is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, and is non-irritating and free of fragrance.


100% purified squalane (derived from sugar cane)

28 reviews for Phyto Squalane

  1. Saadiya

    I have always had super-sensitive and allergic skin, to the point that even ‘natural and organic’ products would cause rashes and pimples on my face. I recently purchased the Phyto Squalene and it is amazing! I had no reactions, but I am left with soft and hydrated, plump skin!

  2. Yumna

    A great product for dry skin. Have been using this for the last year or so, especially in winter when my skin usually feels tight and dry. A little goes a long way.

  3. Bushra

    This is a must-have product! My skin is so soft and glowy after using this.

  4. Sumaiya

    I simply love Phytocare! The Phytosqualane and Clarifying Clay are my favorites! My skin looks and feels amazing! Mashallah

  5. Ruba

    Phytosqualane, ummhhh where to start!
    It’s by far the best light form, non greasy, highly effective moisturizer I’ve come across. I use it as a night mask, primer and of course a moisturizer. I have eczema and this is the only thing works for my skin. Will definitely be purchasing a few more of these! Definitely worth the buck and I love that it’s local. Would recommend 100%

  6. Nabilah

    Loving this product as a hydrating serum before I moisturise. It’s non-greasy and leaves my skin soft and supple.

  7. Kaneez

    This product is amazing 😍 I just started using it and can already see the difference in my skin♥️ Heaven in a bottle

  8. Suhayfa

    I absolutely love the clarifying clay, my skin feels soft and smooth, and since I started using it, I am black head free.
    My favorite is definitely the moisture lock, my skin is glowy all day everyday 🙂

  9. Fatima

    Love!! Love! Primer, moisturizer, perfect serum! Too many uses to mention.. i use Alot more in winter. Sits a blessing when skin tends to tighten with the cold and that dry flaky skin appears!! It’s a must have.. it’s a perfect primer too. I love it.

  10. Flawless By LMG

    I’ve been using this moisture lock for just over a year now and I absolutely love it, It doesn’t leave my skin oily, just gives it that perfect hydration. It’s by go to primer / serum. Absolutely love this product and would definitely recommend it

  11. Nadine Jainath

    Great product
    Restores your skins natural moisture
    Oil free
    Made from natural ingredients
    Can be used on all skin types
    Can be used as a primer

  12. Dineo Chuene

    This is a need for every gender. Every one needs a moist skin😍

  13. Dikeledi

    Absolutely great product to use for dry skin it helped me a lot during and after pregnancy as I suffered with dry skin and acne, the results are amazing 👌💯,

  14. Khadija Khan

    I struggle with dry skin especially during winter. This product kept me moisturised throughout the day and leaves your skin glowing without any oily residue.

  15. Suraya

    Just bought a second bottle for my mum. She uses it after every wudhu and loves it. She’d always complain that her skin feels very tight, but now she says it feels soft and moisturised.

  16. Suraya

    Just bought a second bottle for my mum. She uses it after every wudhu, she’d always complain of tight skin, but now she’s saying it feels so soft and moisturised.

  17. Nazneen

    Phytosqualane is my Favorite a few drops daily keeps my skin glowing and looking fresh I love the product I use it for my kids too when their skin is getting too dry in winter and it works wonders 😍
    I think everyone with dry skin should definitely try it

  18. Sumaiyah

    Absolutely love the phyto squalane. I have sensitive skin and it’s worked great for me. Reduced the redness and keeps my skin feeling soft and moisturized. Perfect as a primer too. Must have product!!!

  19. Samira

    Great product for dry skin! Super hydrating yet non greasy! This product has really helped me with tight and dry skin. Love it

  20. Samira

    Perfect solution for sensitive and dry skin. Even though the product is an oil it’s so light and non greasy. Feels so good in the skin and gives skin radiance.

  21. Atiyah

    Excellent product , leaves me looking radiant during this dry season. Keeps my skin feeling soft n moisturized all day.

  22. Sabiha M

    Absolutely loving the Phyto squalane Moisture lock
    My skin has been really dry and dull ,a few drops and my skin is so glowy and full of moisture
    Definately going to be adding this amazing product to my daily skin routine

  23. Melissa Watt

    😍 without a doubt my favourite product of the range. So so gentle yet hydrating. I have very dry skin and this has made a huge difference. I’m a makeup artist so I also use this mixed into foundation and it gives the most beautiful, radiant glow without looking oily.

  24. Dee

    This product is great. quickly absorbed and does not leave my skin greasy. It is also very hydrating and only a few drops are required. I cannot wait to try the other products

  25. Tasneem

    Amazing product. I added it to my daily routine and I could see a difference immediately! Also used it for my babies eczema breakouts and it worked wonders. Jazakallah!

  26. Aadila Akoo

    I really like this product. I use just a little in the middle of the day after making wudhu. It helps to keep my face hydrated, especially in winter. It sinks into your skin really easily and doesn’t leave behind an oily residue.

  27. Nerosha

    Stunning! skin feels absolutely moisturised after using this. works 100%

  28. Maryam

    This is a must have product. Ever since I started using it I’m in love with how it makes my skin so moisturised

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