Phytelene Complex

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Enzymatic Exfoliator

Enzymatic Exfoliator


Enzymatic Exfoliator

A non-granular exfoliant that harnesses the power of fruit enzymes bromelain and papain, to remove dead skin cells, increasing cell turnover, thereby resulting in improved skin texture and radiance. Enzymatic exfoliation also aids in better absorption of other skin product used post exfoliation.



Not recommended for skin that is irritated, sunburnt or has recently undergone professional laser treatment, chemical peels or waxing.

Can be used twice weekly. Apply a pea-sized amount to cleansed, damp skin.  Wet fingertips with warm water and massage for one to two minutes. Leave on for an additional 3 -5 minutes. Rinse and follow with serums and moisturiser.


Aqua, Glycerin (vegetal), Phytelene of Papaya (Papain), Phytelene of Pineapple (Bromelain),
Biosaccharide Gum‐1, 1,3 Propanediol, Ethylhexylglycerin (and) Phenoxyethanol, Allantoin,
Disodium EDTA

6 reviews for Phytelene Complex

  1. Zarina Syed

    I have been wanting to try an enzyme exfoliator for the longest time and when this new product came up on my newsfeed I immediately ordered. Something about the action of this product makes the skin glow extra when used with other products like the serums and moisturizers. A new constant in my skin care routine, I prefer to use it once a week as I also make use of the other exfoliator product once a week.

  2. Rabia

    Phytelene complex has worked really well as an exfoliater for my postpartum winter skin. Easy to use and a little goes a long way with this product.

  3. Melissa Watt

    Was a bit nervous to try out an enzyme exfoliator because of my sensitive skin but this was surprisingly gentle yet effective. My skin looks brighter after using it and I feel like it makes my other products more effective because there isn’t that dead layer of skin preventing absorption. I use it once a week so the jar has lasted me a long time.

  4. Nadia

    My skin was looking really tired and dull. This has helped to make it look a bit more vibrant and I can see a bit of an improvement in my pigmentation. I love the fact that it was so gentle on my highly sensitive skin.

  5. Khadija Khan

    This product is everything it says it is!
    It leaves your skin looking and feeling stunning.
    A great investment

  6. Nerosha

    Love love this product! skin feels super soft easy to apply, no harsh chemicals it is indeed lovely! especially before a night out to give you that smooth texture.

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