Hydra Mist

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Facial Tonic

Facial Tonic


The quench to your skin’s thirst! Containing aloe vera, pure plant squalane and rosewater to hydrate, reduce redness and soothe irritated skin. Non-alcoholic witch hazel, with its astringent properties, will help tighten and constrict blood vessels, reducing skin irritation and maintaining the skin’s pH. Tea tree helps reduce bacteria on the skin and prevent breakouts.

The Hydra Mist Facial Tonic is especially valuable for those with rosacea or irritated, dry, sensitive skin. Excellent for those with oily skin who want to hydrate without the use of heavy serums and/or moisturisers.

Can be used before and after makeup, as well as a refreshing mist throughout the day, especially during the summer months.



Organic rosewater hydrosol, glycerin, aloe vera leaf juice, squalane, non-alcoholic witch hazel, organic tea tree essential oil, peppermint essential oil, spearmint essential oil.

10 reviews for Hydra Mist

  1. Riasha

    Love using this before I apply my makeup! This was actually a gift along with something else, it’s amazing!! Keeps my skin hydrated all day..

  2. Dineo Chuene

    Perfect for after sunburn to reduce redness and cool down your skin. Definitely outside based workers such as farmers and other would benefit from this🌼

  3. Waheeda

    Due to hormonal imbalance I have been breaking out terribly on my face. I started using the hydra mist as advised by Nadia and within a week a saw a huge difference. My skin cleared up and felt more toned. I use it as a primer and a mist to set my make up as well. I totally love this product ! Thank you Nadia !

  4. Shabana Ismail

    This is my holy grail! Leaves my face feeling super refreshed, hydrated and glowy. Along with my mask and sanitiser, I also carry a Hydra Mist and spray it whenever I feel that I need a refresher. Love Love Love!

  5. Azraa

    Leaves my face feeling refreshed. Definitely helped me reduce my maskne (acne from wearing a face mask)… It’s definitely a must have ❤️

  6. Suhayfa

    Such a refreshing product to have.
    My go-to after being in the sun for too long and when my rosacea starts or when my skin is just dry or irritated.
    Love this.

  7. Suliman Carrim

    If you spend most of your day in the sun like myself, you definitely need this product.
    So great for after sunburn, it reduces redness and cools down my skin instantly.

  8. Azima N

    I absolutely adore this product. I love the crisp scent it leaves on my skin. I have one at my workspace and at home!! Leaves my face feeling rejuvenated 😍

  9. Husna

    We absolutely love this product. I use it on my whole family.
    One in the bag for a refreshing spritz, especially after extended use of a mask Another or the dresser as a toner and before applying make uo.

  10. T Moosa

    Awesome for hot days, immediately soothes your skin and even better if it is kept in the fridge. Best part is its safe for the whole family to use due to the natural ingredients

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