Hyaluronic Acid

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Hydration Booster

Hydration Booster


Capable of holding up to 1000 times its weight in water, hyaluronic acid is particularly effective in drawing in and retaining moisture. Excellent for dry and mature skin types. Helps plump away fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes a smoother, more youthful appearance of the skin.



Aqua, sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, microcare DMP. 

10 reviews for Hyaluronic Acid

  1. Nadine Jainath

    I have super oily skin, but in winter and dry days my skin is so poorly dry and wrinkled up… Hyaluronic acid helps boost your skins mosit and promotes Smoot youngful skin Everyday

  2. Nadine Jainath

    Great product especially for winter weather which leaves our skin so dry and dead. This product adds hydration and promotes elasticity to the skin

  3. Dineo Chuene

    The best skin protector😍 forget about ever having chapped skin when you have this.

  4. Annette Hamann

    Fantastic product of you battling with fine lines. It plumps up the skin and makes you look radiant..

  5. Khadija Khan

    This product is amazing and I quickly saw a visible difference in my skin. When used in conjunction with the Phyto Squalane it leaves your skin glowing and moisturised.

  6. Fatima Mahomed

    Hydrating and natural oils to boost your skin’s elasticity. I have oily skin…but dryness around the mouth area… This helps to keep me moist and supple. Also treats those fine wrinkles by your eyes…!

  7. Atiyah

    My most fav product with phytocare ! Having terrible winter skin n this is the product that livens up my face . Also alittle product goes along way.

  8. Melissa Watt

    One of my favourites for sure. I layer the Phyto Squalane on top of this morning and evening and my skin feels super hydrated and plumped. It’s sort of filled in my fine lines as well

  9. Zakkiyya

    Amazing product! Have been having issues with dehydration for a long time especially in winter, this is the first year that my skin has been so soft, supple and properly hydrated!

  10. Samira

    For someone with very dry skin, this product has been a skin saver! Used in conjuction with phyto squalene, hylaronic acid has really hydrated my skin. Leaves skin looking healthier and moisturized.

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